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The Birth of Tilde’

Posted on by Stephen Kohlbeck

The launch of Tilde Furniture has been an incredibly exciting process for me. We’ve spent two years building what I hope to be a new direction for the furniture industry. The company pledges to honor the health of our planet, our craftsmen, and the people who live with our furniture. We are going beyond the norm of building quality furniture. We are also creating a lifestyle of abundance and health! Between the use of innovative products and built-in social equity programs, we plan to be amongst the leaders that are taking a higher, more responsible path – for the benefit of all!

This blog has been set up to share what we discover, regarding all things that make a positive impact. It is also an avenue for everyone to discuss what they believe will contribute to a better world, and better products. In the end, I hope it becomes a journey that is fun for all. While these are serious times, there must always be lightness and beauty. May it be expressed through all of us. I look forward to sharing the ride with you!

Stephen Kohlbeck

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