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Inspired To Be Green!

Posted on by Stephen Kohlbeck

Imagine living in a world so chemical-free you seldom hear of asthma. Visualize living in a house that actually takes away the few toxins that remain from today’s use of chemicals in building products and home furnishings. You will breathe deeper, and the children will grow up healthy again; no more news about 40% of kids having respiratory ailments. The materials are here. They just need to be taken home.

There is an abundance of ways to create a healthier, more sustainable dwelling. The largest one is to simply choose the right products. Knowing what to look for is the key to better design and higher standards.

Ask yourself, what in your home is toxic and destructive to the environment? And, what has a direct impact on your personal health? The inside of a typical newly built American home is 10 times as toxic as the air outside of it. This is largely caused by the use of chemicals in materials that include carpet, fabrics, and cabinetry; even certain Zero-VOC paints contain noxious heavy metals. The finishes that are used by almost every furniture manufacturer in the world contain carcinogens. Petroleum use in mattresses and cushions is toxic. It goes on.

Fortunately, there are many ways to rid your home of these influences and make it much healthier. Using natural materials goes far as a remedy for the industrial “innovations” of the 20th century. Respectfully, in the last 10 years, we have seen incredible advancements in products that are sophisticated, durable, user-friendly, and plant and water based. These include floor and furniture finishes, paint and primers; even sealants and caulks. The products are most readily available on a retail level through natural products suppliers and online.

It can be a bit overwhelming to someone just beginning to understand the options. But, the information is easily accessible and your knowledge will grow as you get your feet wet. There are many manufacturers who romance their ecological commitment. Similar to food, the more you know the facts, the easier it will be to tell truths from half-truths. Let the journey begin!

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