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The Environment & Social Equity

Tilde’ Furniture will always be an innovative creator of sustainable and beautiful furniture and materials.  We will remain focused on providing leadership for our industry in terms of human health and ecological responsibility. We, at Tilde Furniture, strive to make the world a better place on many fronts.  From the use of only eco-friendly products and practices, to supporting causes that help both world cultures and financially challenged people, our mission is to make as great a positive impact on the planet as possible.


Manufacturing Practices

Tilde Furniture is a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC).  SFC is a third party organization that sets rigorous compliance criteria of established sustainability standards to ensure that all members are demonstrably committed to environmentally responsible practices and ongoing improvement.


All of our furniture is manufactured in the United States.  With a variety of highly specialized and qualified craftsmen needed to build our diverse line, all furniture items are built within fifty miles of our headquarters.


Waste is minimized through in-house recycling programs for office supplies, paper products, and manufacturing raw good materials.  All of our paper products are made with recycled content.  All of our furniture components can be recycled or returned for reuse and recycling.


Our headquarters is highly computerized, minimizing the need for paper and waste.  100% of power is provided by wind source.  We practice conservation in both energy and water consumption.


We only use domestic woods that are responsibly harvested and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 3rd-party certified woods.  Special requests for imported woods and exotic veneers will be honored with FSC-certified products.  Colorado-sourced Beetle-kill Pine is available for most of our products and is used, when appropriate, on furniture built for our Tilde Tidings for Tots program.


Our metal products contain high percentages of recycled material.  Bronze is 90% recycled copper.  Our foundry uses up to 50% of reused material in the alloy blend.  We apply a simple paste wax coating to our bronze as a standard finish.   Metal finishes include wax, eco-friendly water and plant-based paint and glaze products, powder coating, and liquid metal coatings.  We will not plate any metals, due to its’ processes inherent danger to humans and the environment.


We use bio-composite sheet goods.  These are materials that contain high amounts of recycled and reuse ingredients, especially natural bi-products of the agricultural industry, as well as post-consumer products.  Any Wheatboard, MDF, PureBond plywood, or similar products, used in our manufacturing process, do not contain added urea-formaldehyde.


All of our furniture finish materials are water-based and manufactured by leaders in the green industry.  Paints and glazes are not only eco-friendly, but are healthy for our workers and the end customer.  All finishes meet or exceed United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED and State of California standards.


Shipping & Packaging

We offer either cartons or blanket wrapping.  Pallets are reused. We see both positive and negative aspects to blanket wrapping. While the practice does not require packaging materials, blanket wrapped furniture is less likely to be stacked, requiring more petroleum for transport. There is also higher risk of freight damage with blanket wrapped items. All cartoning materials can be reused or recycled.


Social Equity Code

Tilde’ Furniture only works with suppliers that maintain a strict fair trade and economic development code of ethics. We provide competitive living wages. And, we maintain high safety standards at both our office and manufacturing facilities.


Tilde Tidings for Tots

For every piece of furniture that we build and sell to our clients, Tilde’ Furniture builds a child-size piece of furniture and donates it to Family Tree and other high-need non-profits.  In example, if a cabinet is ordered, we provide a chest or shelving unit.  These may vary depending on the particular needs of the children.  The pieces are built in certified plywood and/or Beetle Pine, and either stained or painted.  By using beetle pine, we are protecting our forests.


We add an inspirational word or phrase to each piece, as encouragement for children who may not otherwise receive it.  When possible, these are catered to each child.


Family Tree offers services for children, youth and adults, who are victims of domestic abuse and neglect or homelessness.  They also help war veterans and their families work through emotional and psychological issues.  For more information, please visit TheFamilyTree.org. Tilde provides furniture for children when they and their families are placed in to safe homes.


Other causes close to our hearts: Habitat for Humanity, The Gathering Place, The Conflict Center…..and, anything with a great purpose!


World Development

Tilde Furniture donates money to fight genocide in Darfur.  Etagere Darfur, an open-sided shelving unit, is the first of a series of furniture pieces created specifically for assistance to Africa.  100% of profits are donated to the cause.  For current information, please visit SaveDarfur.org.


Creating Healthy Interiors

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